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Musicians from as early at 7 yrs old, the members of Lotus Land Band have a varied and extensive musical background which has culminated in the formation of LLB. Arguably, the best Rock Trio Band of the late 20th Century, the Music and style of RUSH is not easy to mirror. The three members of LLB have mastered the sound and are, in this authors opinion, the MOST AUTHENTIC RUSH Tribute band in the world.

Some of the accomplishments of LLB’s band members include:

-Two all original projects, "The Lye" and "Shiny Green Flies".

-Ticketmaster showcase and gigs opening for the Alarm and ELO II.

-Guitar player for Herb Reed and The Platters

-Played for other Hall of Fame inductees such as: Bill Pinkney and Charlie Thomas from The Drifters, and Carl Gardner from The Coasters

-Appeared on "Time Life's Doo Wop 50"


Next Accomplishment – Certification from RUSH as the MOST AUTHENTIC RUSH Tribute Band in the world.


To Be Determined


Main Tribute